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    Amateur of big shivers or sweeter sensations, you will inevitably find a park of leisure at your convenience. Scenic railways of amusement parks in the playful or instructive walks of parks with subject, it is the ideal activitie in family or between friends.

    The animal world is in your range with the wildlife parks. Mysteries of the seaworld, with aquariums, to the wild animals of other lands in zoos by way of animal husbandry of lamas, of fallow-deer, of harts or of ostriches, discover all fauna while sharing an instant in family.

5 in Limousin.
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Wildlife / Leisure center in Boisseuil

Limousine Park

Jacquelin de Rousiers Pole de Lanaud 87220 Boisseuil (Haute-Vienne)
Phone : 05 55 06 46 10

Wildlife / Leisure center in Limoges


BRANTHOME 2 BOULEVARD GAMBETTA 87000 Limoges (Haute-Vienne)
Phone : 05 55 33 42 11  - Fax : 05 55 33 47 78
"In the eerie setting of Limoges’ former subterranean water reservoirs, come and discover the fabulous diversity of the world of Neptune, meeting as you go the inhabitants of Earth’s furthest ...

Wildlife / Leisure center in Bourganeuf

Elevage de Bisons du Palais

Verheyen Le Palais 23400 Bourganeuf (Creuse)
Phone : 05 55 64 15 63  - Fax : 05 55 64 15 77
Visits of the bisons in 4x4.
Bison meat and other Products.


Wildlife / Leisure center in Veyrac

Merveilleux monde miniature

Feeriland Ebourliat 87520 Veyrac (Haute-Vienne)
Phone : 05 55 03 16 71  - Fax : 09 55 77 50 01
See Caesar’s army approaching a gaelic village, relive the days of the wild west or the Renaissance. Watch a colony of mutant ants going about their daily business... Just some of the scenes which ...

Wildlife / Leisure center in Sainte-Feyre

Parc animalier Les Loups de Chabrières

Monsieur Abel Guittard Forêt de Chabrières 23000 Sainte-Feyre 23000 Sainte-Feyre (Creuse)
Phone : 05 55 81 23 23  - Fax : 05 55 41 13 01
Explore the wolves in a natural environment:

Over a pleasant stroll through the undergrowth of the forest Chabrières the heart of unspoilt nature, let us guide you to the wildest areas. Cross ...
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