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Arboretum Al Gaulhia

Chatemiche Max Ceyrat 19140 Espartignac 19140 Espartignac (Corrèze)
Phone : 05 55 73 21 53
Open website http://www.arboretum-algaulhia.net In the heart of the middle Corrèze, on the commune of Espartignac, there is a place, an arboretum of ten hectares where coexist in good agreement age-old chestnut trees and trees of the five continents, and which, in its wet part, reserves the surprise of a pond with lotus worthy of an aquatic garden.
More than 600 varieties of trees and abustes are to be discovered at the Al Gaulhia arboretum in Espartignac, Corrèze. Eighty species of bamboo, about twenty ferns, lotus, nympheas and other aquatic and rivular plants. Some are tricentennials, such as chestnut trees, classified as "remarkable trees of France" in 2011. A park of nearly ten hectares where there are rare species and a bog: an area particularly important for biodiversity. This Limousin arboretum was rated "remarkable tree ensemble" in 2014, and "remarkable garden" in 2017. Open June 15 to September 15, daily from 2:30 p.m.; by appointment outside of these dates and times...

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