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Art and craft, Art, Craft and Gallery dans l'Aude

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Atelier de Poterie Patricia Maillard

Patricia Maillard ZA La Confrérie 11270 Fanjeaux (Aude)
Phone : +3 36 43 30 12 44  - Mobile phone : +3 36 43 30 12 44
Open website http://www.planters-contact-provence.fr “Large Vases” are not born small

Our Large and Giant vases are certainly not born small, and their real development begins first after their birth. It only takes a few minutes on the wheel for a vase to see the light of day, made of a well-balanced blend of clays that will give it the solidity and careful hardening that ensure an even quality. But at that point, nothing about the actual vase is really certain.

After drying for a few days – how long depends on the ambient temperature and humidity – the vase is fitted with a foot and decorations. But still nothing about its final appearance is certain.

Depending on the size of the vase, it will require 6–20 weeks of slow drying, sheltered from air currents and abrupt changes in temperature, plus daily inspection and care to ensure its readiness for its final “garb”. Yet still, nothing is really certain.

Finally, its surface finished and enamelled with care to preserve the uniqueness of each individual piece, the large vase enters the kiln for its trial by fire. This is the moment of truth, both mundane and nerve-racking for every potter.

Now we must wait through 36 to 48 hours of progressive, controlled temperature increases, followed by gradual cooling, before we can open the doors of the kiln to learn the verdict.

The fire determines the definitive results. It brings out the true quality of the materials and the craftsmanship that went into the vase. It performs miracle of creation, in which a powdery, homogenous substance transforms into a spectacular coat Ivoiof many colours and a smooth surface takes on a transparency and depth that is the stuff of dreams. And yet, even then, all is still not completely certain.

The vase must still undergo a careful, patient finishing process that will give it a gentle patina of passing years, finally resulting in the work that you now hold in your hands, your chosen product.

And now… everything is certain.

We thank you for choosing our products, and we are proud that you appreciate our work.

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