Gastronomy, Wine cellar, Distillery in Languedoc Roussillon

    Cellars and Distillery
    Pierce the secret of wines and of their development by visiting cellars and distillery. Leave on men's meeting loving their lands and their grapevines which will make you share their passion and their know-how.
19 in Languedoc Roussillon.
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Wine cellar, Distillery in Limoux


Phone : 04 68 31 01 33
Come and discover the magic and secrets of the “Bubbles” with the oldest wine grower and producer of Blanquettes and Crémants in Limoux since 1875, from father to son for more than 5 ...
picture of Château de Pennautier
  • Restaurant Menu of 14.9 to 28.9 €

Wine cellar, Distillery in Pennautier

Château de Pennautier

Nicolas Faux-Girard 11610 Pennautier 11610 Pennautier (Aude)
Phone : 04 68 72 65 29

Wine cellar, Distillery in Vacquières

Château de Lascaux

Jean-Benoit Cavalier place de l'église 34270 Vacquières (Hérault)
Phone : 04 67 59 00 08
As the 14th generation, Jean-Benoît Cavalier took over from his father in 1984 with a vision to craft quality, terroir-driven wines. Surrounded by the "GARRIGUE" (Languedoc's wonderfully wild, ...

Wine cellar, Distillery in Narbonne

Château l'Hospitalet

Château l'Hospitalet Route de Narbonne Plage 11100 Narbonne (Aude)
Phone : 04 68 45 28 50
Located between sea and mountain, in the heart of the Massif of la Clape, this area of 1000 hectares of vines and garrigue acquired in 2002 by Gérard Bertrand, is the ideal place to understand the ...
picture of Grande Cave Sieur D'arques
  • low Season 8 €

Wine cellar, Distillery in Limoux

Grande Cave Sieur D'arques

Clément Gallois avenue du Mauzac 11300 Limoux (Aude)
Phone : 04 68 74 63 45  - Fax : 04 68 74 63 13
The first sparkling wine in the world was born in 1531 in Limoux. Come visit our winery and learn the development of our wines through our museum. Visit the galleries was possible for groups (8 € ...

Wine cellar, Distillery in Limoux

La cave gourmande

La cave gourmande 5 Ter avenue Charles de Gaulle 11300 Limoux (Aude)
Phone : 04 68 69 37 14
La cave gourmande vous invite a nous rejoindre dans notre boutique.
Venez découvrir de nombreux choix de blanquettes de Limoux, vins et produits régionaux.
Laissez vous tenter par une petite ...

Wine cellar, Distillery in Montpellier

SARL La Cave Gourmande

Mme Karine BELOT 24 Boulevard des Arceaux 34000 Montpellier (Hérault)
Phone : 04 67 70 81 48  - Fax : 04 67 70 81 48

Wine cellar, Distillery in Villemoustaussou

Domaine O'Vineyards

Liz O'Connell 885 Avenue de la Montagne Noire 11620 Villemoustaussou (Aude)
Phone : 33 63 01 89 910
O'Vineyards, just a few kilometers from Carcassonne, is a small family run winery making excellent red wines in the south of France. Guided tours, barrel tastings, meals at the winemaker's table, and ...
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