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    Cities and Villages
    In the bend of a street or an alley, discover in the course of your walks the secrets of cities and villages of our regions. Remarkable facades, places, houses of times and many other hidden treasures, here is which treasures offer themselves to you. Picturesque villages of countrysides in the big metropolises, take time to promenade and to appreciate.
3 in de Champagne.
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Steden en dorpjes in Sedan

Sedan, une ville d'Histoire 08200 Sedan (Ardennes)
Built around 1424, the fortified castle of Sedan is the largest fortified castle in Europe with a surface area of 35,000 sq m.
Enjoying a strategic position on the eastern border of France, it was ...
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Steden en dorpjes in Troyes

La ville médiévale de Troyes 10000 Troyes (Aube)
Troyes: with its cobbled streets, its half-timbered houses, its Renaissance town houses, its nine churches and its cathedral of light

The cliché may seem somewhat jaded and somewhat outdated. But ...
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Steden en dorpjes in Charleville-Mézières

L'histoire de Charleville-Mézières 08000 Charleville-Mézières (Ardennes)
Including a main town and five districts, Charleville-Mézières is a genuine patchwork quilt of history. Mézières, the original main town, started life in 899 as a fortified town. The Porte de ...
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