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Château de la Motte-Tilly

Visite.org 10400 Nogent-sur-Seine (Aube)
This château is a perfect example of 18th century architecture. It displays its harmonious facades at the heart of a park situated near Nogent-sur-Seine. In 1754, the abbot Joseph Terray, who became Louis XV's finances general inspector and lord of La Motte-Tilly razed the old feudal castle in order to build the present dwelling and the gardens according to the plans of the architect François Nicolas Lancret. The chateau was not spared by the Revolution, France's invasion by the Allies after the fall of the First Empire and by the Second World War, and was ransacked several times. In 1910, the count of Rohan-Chabot, belonging to the Terray family on his mother's side, set upon restoration works based on archives. The park was thus redesigned, with its terraces slopping smoothly up to the glassy waters and the long perspective beyond the Seine was replanted. After he died in 1964, his daughter the marchioness of Maillé, a distinguished archaeologist, reconstituted some decors and furnishing with prestigious stamps: she reconstructed the refined atmosphere of a 18th century dwelling house. In 1972, she bequeathed the estate and collections to the National Fund for Historical Monuments and Sites. The main attractions in the château are the Louis XV blue room, the Orangery where exotic species could be found in the 18th century (orange, pomegranate and pineapple trees...); the gardens, on which there is a preservation order since 1946, were extensively restored.
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