Fantômes et châteaux hantés

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Fantômes et châteaux hantés

from June 13 2010 to August 11 2010 Le Moine 22270 Plédéliac (Côtes d'Armor) château de la Hunaudaye
Phone : 02 96 34 82 10
Open website http://www.la-hunaudaye.com No castle is without its own resident ghost! In Hunaudaye’s castle, our ghost is known as «le soufflou». Sometimes we can hear his melancholic whisper.
Ancient medieval castles are often reputed to be dark haunted places. Where does this reputation comes from?

The first literature dedicated to a pleasing sort of terror, known as Gothic, appeared in Europe towards the end of the 18th century, these works focussed on castles, haunted houses, and other inexplicable phenomena.

By exploring the haunted castle’s myth, this exhibition tries to be gently scary, just as the original old ghost stories used to be.

  • Inter-Hotel Les Alizes 3 Rue Des Jardins 22400 Lamballe from 59.00 Euros

    Book at Inter-Hotel Les Alizes
  • Les Dineux Village Za Les Dineux 22250 Tremeur from 62.00 Euros

    Book at Les Dineux Village
  • Hôtel De L'abbaye 12 Rue Marie-Paule Salonne 22130 Plorec-sur-Argueron from 58.00 Euros

    Book at Hôtel De L'abbaye
  • Maison d'hotes du manoir de la Villeneuve St-Aaron 22400 Lamballe

  • Domaine de La Ville Heleuc La Ville Heleuc 22980 Plélan-le-Petit

  • Chambres d'hôtes Malik Bretagne Chemin de l'Etouoe 22980 Plélan-le-Petit

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