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    Air Sports
    Take the height and use the impressive view which presents itself to you. You let hit to the rhythm of winds above landscapes. That you are beginner or experienced, air sports, it is every time an experience unforgettable and rich in emotions. Accomplish a dream, fly off(vanish) and appreciate this feeling of freedom!

    Through landscapes in the extraordinary reliefs, come to discover the joy of jump in parachute or of paraglider in a playground in the incredible dimensions. You let hit to the rhythm of winds above landscapes. Beginner or experienced, air sports, it is surely, a whiff of adrenalin and a good dose of emotions.

    Take the height and use the impressive view which presents itself to you. In hang-glider or in hot-air balloon, take your takeoff and appreciate this unique instant of freedom. Between heaven and earth, live this experience intensely unforgettable and rich in emotions.
13 in Bourgogne.
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Sport aerei a Moroges

Vols en Montgolfière

Bourgogne-Montgolfière Vingelles 71390 Moroges (Saône-et-Loire)
Tel : 03 85 47 99 85
Hot air ballooning over South Burgundy "Côte Chalonnaise"
In this unique setting and protected environnement we offer you the opportunity to make flying, mankind’s oldest dream come true. With a ...

Sport aerei a La Clayette


Bernard GUITTAT Route de Charolles - Hippodrome de Montgelly 71800 La Clayette (Saône-et-Loire)
Tel : 03 85 26 22 85  - Cellulare : 06 64 44 47 96
Venite a scoprire la nostra bella regione Clayettoise mentre volava in un ultraleggero. Aperto tutti i fine settimana, tempo permettendo, i voli possibili.

Sport aerei a Beaumont-sur-Grosne

Beaumon sur Grosne

Jean Alain MARTIN Les Grépillons 71240 Beaumont-sur-Grosne (Saône-et-Loire)
Tel : 06 64 04 35 11
Pilote-instructeur de montgolfiere
Ecole de pilotage : instruction theorique et pratique
Vols d 'initiation, baptemes de l 'air, uniquement des vols exclusif avec un petit ballon maximum deux ...

Sport aerei a Saint-Désert

Acro Parachutisme

frédéric Nenet impasse du ruisseau 71390 Saint-Désert (Saône-et-Loire)
Tel : 06 15 21 59 21
Acro parachutisme est une école de chute libre indépendante et
professionnelle en bourgogne.

Nous exerçons notre activité de saut en parachute tandem,
ainsi que la formation au premier saut ...

Sport aerei a Beaune

Vol en Montgolfiere au-dessus de la Côte de BEAUNE

Bruno BAROUX Moulin Landin 15 21200 Beaune (Côte-d'Or)
Tel : 06 51 56 82 56
Scopri il Côte d'Or Borgogna in un cesto di aerostato ad aria calda. Regalatevi un ricordo speciale, tranquillo vivere un'avventura sorprendente e indimenticabile.
Beaune-palloncino vi invita a ...
foto di BEAUNE
  • Bassa stagione 175€ a 185€
  • Media stagione 198€ a 205€
  • Alta stagione 198€ a 205€
  • Vacanze scolastiche 145€ a 155€

Sport aerei a Beaune


La BEAUME 4 bis rue du Saussis 21200 Beaune (Côte-d'Or)
Tel : 03 80 97 38 61  - Fax : 03 80 97 67 42
France Montgolfières Balloon Company was set up in this wonderful area more than twenty five years ago. We fly you over the celebrated vineyards of Beaune, Chablis wine areas, the spectacular ...

Sport aerei a Saint-Florentin

Ecole de parachutisme

JumpandSmile Aerodrome de St Florentin/cheu 89600 Saint-Florentin (Yonne)
Tel : 01 55 78 21 60  - Cellulare : 06 21 99 53 34
A tandem skydive is the ideal way to experience the thrill of skydiving and to live unforgettable feelings in best security conditions.
The preparation takes approx. 10-15 minutes. During that time, ...

Sport aerei a L'Abergement-de-Cuisery


Pillot Frédéric Aérodrome de TOURNUS-CUISERY 71290 L'Abergement-de-Cuisery (Saône-et-Loire)
Tel : 06 81 70 07 52
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