гастрономия , подвалы и гидролизные заводы en Charente

    Cellars and Distillery
    Pierce the secret of wines and of their development by visiting cellars and distillery. Leave on men's meeting loving their lands and their grapevines which will make you share their passion and their know-how.
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подвалы и гидролизные заводы в Graves-Saint-Amant

Domaine La Hache de Bronze

Métayer Joël & Jean-Luc Chebrat 16120 Graves-Saint-Amant (Charente)
телефон : 05 45 97 05 46  - факс : 05 45 97 05 46
Wine region for centuries, the Charente had forgotten many varieties, for the benefit of those for the cognac. In the spirit to revive the tradition that the Domain Axe Bronze was born. Since 1999, we ...
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