Art and craft, Art, Craft and Gallery in Normandy

    Arts and Crafts
    Meeting with fascinated craftsmen and artists talented height. They express their know-how through unique works according to their imagination and to their inspiration. For the public, the result is always a pleasant surprise... Only for the pleasure of your eyes!
27 in Normandy.
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Art, Craft and Gallery in Gaillon

Encadrement d'art 27600 gaillon eure nomrnadie

Styl'art cadre 75 rue du general de gaulle 27600 Gaillon (Eure)
Phone : 02 32 53 92 76
Encadrement d'art et restauration de tableau gravure litho à gaillon dans l'eure entre rouen et paris près de vernon, louviers, les andelys,evreux,gisors,pacy sur eure,à une petite heure de route ...

Art, Craft and Gallery in Moyaux

Atelier Plume d'Ange

Chesneau Sylvia La Feronnière 14590 Moyaux (Calvados)
Phone : 02 31 63 68 70
Decorative painting, Artisanal Creation, personalized and painted with the hand. To give color to the milk pots, to decorate watering-cans and buckets with coals with our grand mother, to offer a new ...

Art, Craft and Gallery in Mathieu

Karen creation

Karen maison du bonheur - MATHIEU 14920 Mathieu (Calvados)
Phone : 06 48 39 79 78

Art, Craft and Gallery in Saint-Clair-sur-les-Monts

Atelier poterie seinomarine

FOURNIER Claire-Marie 721 rue de l'ancienne église 76190 Saint Clair sur les Monts 76190 Saint-Clair-sur-les-Monts (Seine-Maritime)
Phone : 06 15 63 32 27
Workshop pottery seinomarine
Ceramist of art I make pieces in stoneware, porcelain and earthenware tableware or decorative art.
Enamels or reasons for the colours of the sea or flax.
Visit by ...

Art, Craft and Gallery in Calleville

Les Têtes de la Ferme du Parc

Severine Terrasse - Petrowsky 10 chemin du parc 27800 Calleville (Eure)
Phone : 06 82 32 15 25
I studied photography at Cambrai and Paris for a few years and then I turned to the graphic. Having dragged my gaiters in the Middle art is naturally that I started drawing, painting and more recently ...

Art, Craft and Gallery in Ouistreham


BOUILLARD THIERRY 9 AVENUE DE LA MER 14150 Ouistreham (Calvados)
Phone : 02 31 36 16 13
Glass spinners, creators jewellers, members of ATELIERS d'art DE FRANCE and Pearl d'art DE FRANCE we work glass of murano, torch, and carry objects and jewelry.
Our jewels are unique pieces.
We ...

Art, Craft and Gallery in Condé-sur-Sarthe

Atelier Porcelaine et Verre

Mme LEFROU Evelyne 6 rue des Brosses 61250 Condé-sur-Sarthe (Orne)
Phone : 06 24 79 02 24  - Fax : 02 33 31 91 69  - Mobile phone : 06 84 72 50 69
porcelan painting
stained-glass, glass ,beads etc..
vases jewerly, earrings, rings

Art, Craft and Gallery in Banneville-sur-Ajon

Couleur Bois

Marylene Renou le bourg 14260 Banneville-sur-Ajon (Calvados)
Phone : 02 31 77 73 93
The Color Workshop Wood Located in the heart of a pretty little town, marylene you to discover his workshop and his craft in beech and poplar. Luster, fathom, night, coat hangers .... full of pretty ...
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