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    In the bend of a street or an alley, discover in the course of your walks the secrets of cities and villages of our regions. Remarkable facades, places, houses of times and many other hidden treasures, here is which treasures offer themselves to you. Picturesque villages of countrysides in the big metropolises, take time to promenade and to appreciate.
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города и поселки в Porto-Vecchio


Corsicagiru Lieu dit Chiosella 20137 Porto-Vecchio (Corse du Sud)
телефон : 06 20 46 73 63
фотография de Bonifacio
  • Низкий сезон 10€ к 28€

города и поселки в Bonifacio


Christine CANALE Bonifacio 20169 Bonifacio (Corse du Sud)
телефон : 06 28 34 25 40
Enjoy a guided visit to discover Bonifacio off the beaten tracks...
No books or touristic guides could explain it better than Christine, your qualified English speaking guide...

города и поселки в Bonifacio

Bonifacio, naturellement splendide

20169 Bonifacio (Corse du Sud)
Bonifacio is the most Genoese of the island's cities and its faithful visitors flock from all over the world to admire its citadel and its cliffs with 197 steps, hewn out of the rock in the middle of ...
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