Ontspanning natuur en sportief, Landsporten in de Bretagne

    Gentle or dynamic, these sports will fill up all family, of the smallest in the biggest. For pure feelings in the heart of the countryside go through ways and tracks by using fauna and flora either appreciate peace of a green or the calmness of a walk on horseback. For big shiver, leave to explore the depths of the earth by practicing the spéleologie or to climb at the top of cliffs with escalation.
11 in de Bretagne.
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Foto Mobilboard Carnac
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Landsporten in Carnac

Mobilboard Carnac

Alexandre Justom 9 Allée du Parc 56340 Carnac (Morbihan)
Tel : 02 90 61 12 71

Landsporten in Plouyé

Village équestre de Bécherel

GOACHET Gérard Bécherel 29690 Plouyé (Finistère)
Tel : 02 98 99 77 24  - Mobiel : 06 08 04 19 77
The Becherel riding center in france offers to discover the “Monts d’Arrées” by horse all year round. Horse trekking all over the village:
-The "weekend formula"
-The "six days formula" ...
Foto Le Cârouj
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Landsporten in Monterfil

Le Cârouj

La Jaupitre 38, Allée du Closel, 35160 Monterfil 35160 Monterfil (Ille-et-Vilaine)
Tel : 02 99 07 47 02
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